About Southern Star
Southern Star is a kinship for Lord of the Rings Online and based on the Elendilmir server.

We welcome mature aged (or mature-minded) players. Our primary member demographic and focus are players who are from the Oceania region, those who play off-peak/Oceania hours in the US/Canada/Europe, or those who simply want to be in an Oceania kinship.

Our philosophy is that we are a social, friendly and casual kinship. We encourage a casual and laid back game playing style, with an emphasis on friendship, assisting members, and generally having a relaxed and good time. We support light role-players, soloists, duoists, and those who look to form regular Kinship groups for quests and general hunting and adventuring.

As a kinship we have no particular goal other than to be best kinship on the Elendilmir server in terms of helpfulness and friendliness. We promote variety in playing style and events and embrace new ideas.
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